Conducting world-class scholarly research on topics about the intersection between talent management, HR technology, HR analytics, automation, digitalisation and the Future of Work leads to numerous invitations for Sharna to contribute empirically and theoretically informed insights to stories and articles published by various media outlets. Here are some samples,

How can companies promote talent if they can’t agree on what that is? with Anthony McDonnell in The Irish Times (Nov, 2020)

Mirror mirror on the wall, COVID-19 is highlighting our workplace flaws. Opinion piece (June 2020)

Cultural Convergence, The Australian Financial Review. Story by Christopher Niesche (June 2019)

Motivation at work and workplace-based rewards on ABC Sydney Breakfast Radio with Wendy Harmer and Robbie Buck (April 2019)

The Value of Workplace Rewards on ABC Radio Perth with Gillian O’Shaughnessy (April 2019)

AI and the Future of Work, The Stand. Story by Clare Watson (February 2019)

What CSI Teaches us about Intentional First Impressions. UOW Alumni Blog (October 2018)

Hide & Seek, UOW Outlook Magazine. Story by Michele Todd (2018)