Scholarly talk

Sharna is an active scholar who routinely presents her work and publishes in peer refereed journals. Her research integrates talent management, information technology and HR analytics to reveal the complexity of what talent really means. She has identified large inconsistencies in how leaders conceive of what talent is, with major implications for effective talent measurement and management, and future leader talent identification. Her current research includes analysing how mental models, views of the world, previous experiences and individual perceptions influence how stakeholders conceptualise what talent is, and what talent is not. This work complements a decade-long research focus examining the implementation, use and strategic value of technological innovations as organisations decide which operational and strategic processes and practices benefit from digitalisation and those that require people. This research has resulted in the development of a number of publications that explain the evolving nature of work and the increasing need for digital capabilities.

Here you’ll find details and links to selected research articles and presentations.

Connecting ‘Talent’ Meanings and Multi-level Context: A Discursive Approach with Anthony McDonnell (Journal publication)

Future Proofing HR for Future Talent and Technology Changes with John Boudreau (Los Angeles, October 2019)

Humans or Robots: Who’s better at identifying talent? (Brisbane, September 2019)

What Do HR Analytics Practitioners Do? Analysing Analytics-based Roles Through Discourse with Andy Charlwood (Boston, August 2019)

Digitalized Talent Management: The Complexity of the Human-Technology Interface in Managing Talent with Ibraiz Tarique, Janet Marler, Alec Levenson, Jeroen Meijerink, Daniel Schlagwein, Kristine Dery, Randall Schuler and Nigel Dias (industry) (Boston, August 2019)

Humans or Robots: Who will prevail in a Digitalised and Interconnected World (Wollongong, June 2019)

Will you be ready for 2030 and beyond? Future-Proofing HR for Talent and Technology Changes with John Boudreau (Los Angeles, April 2019)

Digitalised Talent Management and It’s Influence on the Future of Work (Nottingham, February 2019)

The Human-Technology Interface: Examining the Implications of Digitalised Talent Management for HRM with Janet Marler (Milan, November 2018)

Dark Side of Digitalization – Unintended Consequences of e-HRM Initiatives with Mohan Thite, Anna Holm, Tobias Scholz, Chris Hartwell, Lars Haahr, Charissa Tan, Ralf Burbach (Milan, November 2018)

Talent Management and Talent Analytics: They’re Just Not Cricket… Or Are They? (Leeds, November 2018)

E-Talent: Connecting Information Technology and Talent Management (forthcoming book chapter)

The Human-Technology Interface in Talent Management and The Implications for HRM with Janet Marler (forthcoming book chapter)

For Some or All? Debating the Value of Inclusive and Exclusive Approaches to Talent Management (forthcoming teaching case)

Talent Management (forthcoming academic encyclopaedia entry)

Macro Talent Management in Australia: Balancing Industrial Relations, Isolation and Competitiveness with Anthony McDonnell (Book chapter)

e- Talent in Talent Management (Book chapter)

The Top to Bottom of Talent Management: Connecting Talent Concepts, Talent Identification and Strategy Execution with Anthony McDonnell (Helsinki, October 2018)

Examining Talk About Talent Management to Contextualise Multiplicity in the Meaning of Talent with Anthony McDonnell (Chicago, August 2018)

Digital HRM Nirvana or Nemesis with Mohan Thite, Janet Maler, Martin Edwards, Chris Hatwell, Derick McIver, Tobias Scholz (Chicago, August 2018)

Strategic Business Partner or Offsider? The Evolving Role of HRM in Talent Management (Dubai, April 2018)

Turning Big Data Insights about Talent into Action: What Do We Need for Organisations to Succeed with Alec Levenson, Janet Marler, Johanna Anzengruber, Marielle Sonnenberg (Industry) and Dave Millner (Surrey, April 2018)

One, Two, Three…But Not If You Can See Me: Big Data Use in Talent Identification with Dana Minbaeva, Janet Marler and Alec Levenson (Surrey, April 2018)

The Influence of Talent Concepts on Big Data and HR Analytics Use in Talent Management with Janet Marler (Surrey, April 2018)

Addressing HR Analytics Challenges: Combining Academic and Practitioner Research with Janet Marler, Dana Minbaeva, Alec Levenson, Mark Huselid, Esther Bongenaar (Industry), Jorrit Van Der Togt (Industry), Placid Jover (Industry) (Atlanta, August 2017)

At the Interface of eHRM, Talent Management and HR: A Social Constructionist Perspective Sharna Wiblen, Janet Marler (Atlanta, August 2017)

Talking about Talent Development in a Professional Services Firm: An Australian Case Study Sharna Wiblen, Carole Tansley (Atlanta, August 2017)

Talking About Talent Management Strategies in Elite Organisations (Wollongong, March 2018)

HR Analytics and Data-driven HR Decision Making: Bridging Research and Practice    Janet Marler, Sharna Wiblen, John Boudreau, Kristine Dery, and Sjoerd van den Heuvel (Sydney, February 2016)

Framing the usefulness of eHRM in talent management: A case study of talent identification in a professional services firm   Sharna Wiblen (June 2016)

Questioning the Value of a Consistent Approach to Talent Management: When One Best Way is not Enough   Sharna Wiblen, David Stephen Grant, Kristine Dery (January 2015)

Talking about talent: conceptualising talent management through discourse   Sharna Wiblen (December 2015)

Getting the measure of talent management: A discourse analysis approach to e-talent   Sharna L Wiblen, Kristine Dery (2014)

Lost in translation? An actor-network approach to HRIS implementation   Kristine Dery, Richard Hall, Nick Wailes, Sharna Wiblen (September 2013)

Sociomateriality and strategy-as-practice: taking technology seriously and applying actor-network theory   Richard Hall, Kristine Dery, Nick Wailes, Sharna L Wiblen (2013)

Putting the HR into the HRIS: A study of the implementation of Human Resource Information Systems   Kristine Dery, David Stephen Grant, Richard Hall, Nick Wailes, Sharna Wiblen (Januray 2013)

Do you see what I see? The role of technology in talent identification   Sharna Wiblen, Kristine Dery, David Grant (October 2012)

Linking leadership and talent: a discursive analysis of e-learning in a professional services firm   Sharna L Wiblen, David Grant, Kristine Dery (2012)

HRISs and the constraint of human agency: The implications for HR skills   Kristine Dery, Richard Hall, Sharna L Wiblen (2010)

Transitioning from a proprietary to Vanilla HRIS: the resulting implications for talent   Sharna Wiblen, Kristine Dery, David Grant (2010)

Transitioning to a new HRIS: The reshaping of human resources and information technology talent   Sharna Wiblen, David Grant, Kristine Dery (2010)

Human resource information systems (HRIS): an unrealised potential   David Grant, Kristine Dery, Richard Hall, Nick Wailes, Sharna Wiblen (2009)

Human resource information systems (HRIS): Replacing or enhancing HRM   Kristine Dery, David Grant, Sharna Wiblen (2009)