The Melbourne Cup Encourages Us to Ask – Are We on the Right (Talent) Track?

Today is the day when Australian’s traditionally press ‘pause’ to ‘play’; for today is Melbourne Cup Day.

Before 2020, the first Tuesday of November signalled a day where the rhetoric frequently declared today was the day that Aussies united. This specific Tuesday marks a public holiday for Victorians. While other Australians and 650 million-plus onlookers talk about fillies with excitement.  

It is unlikely that tonight’s news, however, will be awash with images of women with their high heels in their hands. Nor will there be pictures of thousands of keen racegoers cheering from the stands. Australians will need to find new ways to celebrate the results of their flutter. And with a collective sigh, we each pause and reflect; yes – the Melbourne Cup as it runs today represents a day like no other.

This week represents a time in our year where there is much talk about horses. We would also benefit, however, from having conversations about the quality of our workforces.

This year some leaders may have elected to hedge their bets and play the field (for example, keeping the workforce in tack). Others, conversely, may have selected a chosen few, put money on a box trifecta to increase the chance of a higher yield (for example targeted redundancies or strategic hires).

While we are encouraged today to pause to watch a select group of horses run a particular course, we collectively benefit from promoting the same intention when it comes to our workforce.

Notwithstanding the horse or jockey you elected to back (or not), let’s have a conversation about what talent is and means post COVID-19, reflect on your actions to date and ask – are we on the right (talent) track?

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