What is Talent Management? Definitions and Approaches

Talent management remains one of the most critical challenges for organisations with countless survey’s purporting the salience of effective workforce management.

Appreciating the importance of workforce management is one thing. Knowing what to do is another.

Where should I start, you say?

Garnering an informed understanding of talent management is what you can do to make some headway today.

A Google search of talent management returns oodles of results – 929,000,000 to be more accurate. The more direct ‘What is talent management?’ returns about half the results. And let us be honest; it is possible and probable that a Google search is a foundation aspect of your ‘research’.

My Google algorithm promotes the perspectives of Wikipedia and the HR Technologist. Does your Google search and embedded algorithm attain similar results? Regardless, take the time to pause, reflect and recognise that outcomes indicate SEO optimised calculations with definitions akin to a form of ‘sponsored research’.

You have completed your Google search, viewed the first page of results, and are still none the wiser, so you ask, ‘Where to now?’

Great news – there is a new book which includes all the academic know-how.

Talent Management: A Research Overview is the name of Professor Anthony McDonnell and I’s new book.

Our short-form book provides a succinct overview of the state of research and could act as a talent management handbook.

We cover many topics about talent, talent management and the future of work.

More specifically, we present an overview of the different academic definitions and frameworks.

We answer the question ‘What is talent management’ through showcasing five perspectives which are relevant:

  • talent management as the same thing as HRM;
  • the creation of talent pools;
  • the management of designated individuals;
  • a set of practices which focus on pivotal roles;
  • a set of judgement-based decisions.

We illustrate from a foundational perspective that workforce differentiation is a central element.

Want to learn about talent management then use the promo code SSM20 at Routledge’s online store: https://www.routledge.com/Talent-Management-A-Research-Overview/McDonnell-Wiblen/p/book/9780367358631

Feel free to contact me, Follow me on Twitter @SharnaWiblen or Follow Me on LinkedIn if you would like to learn more.

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